Coming together to care for our children

We Believe:

That children will thrive when adults create and sustain opportunities for their growth

That change is possible when people participate in its creation

That partnerships are essential to fulfilling our mission

That schools are the anchors of a community and are where teachers, parents, caretakers, and community partners act in the best interest of their children.

We Envision:

Children thriving in communities with supportive families, excellent schools and flourishing neighborhoods

We Value:

Neighborhoods that provide within walking distance opportunities for good food, health, recreation and education

Our ability to convene community partners in service to children and families

Diversity in all its forms

Schools and communities that are organized to provide enrichment opportunities in the summer and after school as an essential part of their services

Service and civic engagement as vital elements of personal and community well being

Literacy and the love of reading are important elements of early childhood education

The capacity of families and residents to provide service and direction to schools and neighborhoods.